Brandon Company Overview

Brandon Controls has been engineering and installing temperature control, energy management, and building automation systems since 1976. Since its inception, Brandon immediately recognized the need in the HVAC industry to professionalize the delivery of automatic controls and building automation systems through mechanical and electrical engineering expertise. We believe in transparent pricing models that reveal the total cost of ownership and on-going service designed to deliver real value


Where all the things begin

  • Installation of electronic controls from Honeywell, Barbra Coleman and Johnson
  • Energy management
  • Central plant large boiler control and reset
  • Residential apartment buildings, centralized temperature controls
  • Panel fabrication


VFD conversions

  • Application of electronic and pneumatic control systems
  • Conversion of pneumatic control systems to first generation digital
  • Energy management programs (government/private funding)
  • Ice storage and control systems
  • Conversion of dual duct systems for energy efficiency
  • Lighting/energy grants
  • VFD conversions
  • Installation of large-scale energy management and control projects
  • Relationships with bonding companies to complete defunct projects


Nationwide installation of control systems

  • Relationship with Honeywell for development of control application software used by its distribution network
  • Nationwide installation of control systems
  • Development of application software libraries under the guidance of ASHRAE control sequences
  • Relationships with multiple vendors and suppliers for highest-quality end control and specialty devices
  • Relationship with American Auto-Matrix for engineered distribution of direct digital control product lines
  • Relationship with Carrier for distribution of me Camer comfort network product line and WTNAV lines
  • Recognition of changing landscape in single vendor automation solutions, R&D investment toward protocol and platform integrations
  • Project integrations with protocols like BACnet, CCN, Mod-BUS, CCV, N2, OPC


The New Era

  • Established Relationship with Tridium (Honeywell Company)via AAM
  • Recognition of shift toward information integration, protocol and product standardization — BACnet, LON
  • More sophisticated technology applications in control installations
  • Better man-machine interfaces — Auto Pilot Web, front ends
  • Multi-user enterprise access to EMS systems
  • Facilitated sharing of O&M data for facility departments
  • Internet and VPN access
  • Animated graphics
  • Alarming via pagers
  • Open database architecture (trending/troubleshooting)
  • Wireless tablets
  • Local digital/graphics displays
  • Integration with cell phone/PDA’s
  • Co-generation applications
  • Laboratory and fume hood pressurization controls
  • Hospital isolation room controls
  • Integration of security and HVAC control products
  • Utilization of the Internet for communications backbone(s)


40th anniversary

  • Smartphone and tablet integration
  • Development and expansion of critical system controls
  • Integration of data warehousing and management
  • Advancement and streamlining of customer support and services
  • Focus on green and LEED initiatives