Brandon Connect – Mobile Building System Control

Brandon Connect puts building management and zone control in the palm of your employees’ hands. With Brandon Connect, office personnel can now use their iPhone®, iPad®, or other smartphone or tablet to set temperatures, lighting systems, door access, and other zone parameters.

On a broader scale, Brandon Connect enables facility managers, technicians, maintenance staff, HVAC, and other contractors to manage the entire building management system (BMS) from mobile devices.

Brandon Connect supports virtually any BMS we install – including BACnetTM, ModbusTM, American Auto-Matrix®, Carrier, Tridium®, Honeywell, and Andover Continuum.

Brandon Connect solutions are convenient, easy to use, and most importantly, mobile. Facility managers can now access and control building systems from anywhere in the world at any time, day or night.

Freed from a control desk or wired computer, personnel can go wherever they are needed and always  have total access to every building system. On their mobile screens, facility personnel have exactly the same information they use on desktop and laptop computers, only optimized for the compact screen space.

With our mobile solutions, your team can be more productive, manage energy and environmental conditions with minute-by-minute efficiency, and reduce your organization’s operating and energy costs. Also, since mobile touchscreens are intuitive and familiar, personnel need no additional training to start using Brandon Connect. Whether you are responsible for commercial buildings, residences, campuses, hospitals, or other facilities, Brandon Connect lets you take advantage of innovative technology to add value to your BMS.

Brandon Controls offers Brandon Connect as a locally implemented solution or as cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS). With our cloud option, you can reduce both the equipment footprint on your site and your maintenance requirements. Plus you get peace of mind, knowing that if a power failure or other disaster ever strikes, downtime can be minimized or avoided entirely.